In this session I connect with your field and spiritual guides and I am intuitively guided into what needs to be cleared, balanced, released and brought into the highest alignment within you. Each session is very unique to the individual with a consistent basis of chakra and energetic field clearing & aligning, cord-cutting, ancestral healing, past life healing & DNA activation to name a few.


The human energy field is not bound to the same limitations as the physical body, and operates beyond the time/space continuum. Remote healing can therefor be more powerful then an in person sessions as any visual biases are removed. 






"Diana, you changed my life. Since the work you did on me, every day is more and more crazy than yesterday. I’m seeing my aura again. I'm even starting to see colors. I experience crazy syncronicities. I receive messages, and finally I feel the love that emanates from it. I am no longer overwhelmed, I am as aligned as I have ever been. My gratitude is deep, sister. Very deep. You have released me from my prison and I now feel like a powerful goddess who will resume her apprenticeship that she stopped a long time ago.   
- Johanna Béchade , France

"Once you conducted the session, everything in my world started to shift almost immediately. It was Insane. A lot came up during the session that I had to let go of. I was able to allow the emotions to flow trough me, feel them, and let them go. A lot of family dynamics are also shifting which I didn't realize were weighing heavily on me. I have also been on the job hunt, and the day after our session I got a few rejection letters and a few interview offers. It seemed like everything started to move all at once. I wanted to reach out just to thank you for your amazing work. Things are now moving forward in a healthier direction for me . You have a true gift for healing and I will definitely be signing up for another session in the future. Thank you From the bottom of my heart." 
 - Kayla Gasbarro , USA

"I feel MUCH MUCH better. I just feel more grounded and more whole. I feel myself again, and it hasn’t happened to me in a long time. Also, I have been feeling my uterus since the session. I don’t know how you’ve done it but it is a success. I would call it Magic. 
- Stephanie cuesta, France

"I've had this stomach pain for the last 2 months. Every since I was little, when I was feeling angry my stomach would swell up and get really hard. It's the liver. And the last few months I've felt the most anger I've ever felt and my stomach has been the worst. No matter what I did it didn't go away. You told me that during the session you cleared so much anger, not just mine but 7 generations back. I didn't connect it at first but the next morning I woke up and my stomach was flat again. No more pain and discomfort. I couldn't believe it." 
 - Anonymous