May you unapologetically listen to the part of you that transcends logic.

Who am I?

A question I’ll forever keep asking! But one thing is for sure…
I am forever a dreamer and
student of life.


I’m Diana… Think of me as your Mistress of Magick (energy) and BFF psychic.

I was born with a somewhat supernatural attunement to the subtle realms and the world of energy. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant.

With the ability to perceive, sense, and channel energy, I can tell when the energy moves, and where it goes. With this ability, I have dedicated myself to facilitating the fast-tracking of personal growth for others.


Getting to know someone is kinda like dating…

And if you're one of those "what's your birth details" chicks, (takes one to know one), then here you go :) 

Human Design:
5/1 Projector (conscious + unconscious reflector)

I feel where the problems are and I see solutions

SUN: Capricorn
I get straight to the point without the fluff.

MOON: Taurus
I know what it means to live a life of comfort and lux;
bare feet in the earth, or fluffy slippers and gold jewelry kinda thing.

RISING: Pisces
The psychic, the dreamer and the healer.

My Life's work is Gate 58 - VITALITY - The Joy Junkie!

It's about guiding people on the pathway from stress to bliss!


Did you know...

Before you landed on this blue planet, the universe handed you a one-of-a-kind cosmic map for living a life in alignment with YOUR joys and pleasures. This map is not only your permission slip to be who you came here to be, it’s the map to your SUCCESS! This map is written in the stars and alive inside of you. 

And this is where I come in…


As I attune to your energy, I am able to tell what’s happening long before the naked eye or conscious mind; AND THIS, my love, is where the magic happens!

I can tell what is happening inside of you, and sense when you're out of alignment or pushing yourself toward something that is not meant for you. This is how I reach depths of places within you that most won't, and help you transcend obstacles that hinder your progress.

Through my guidance, you gain insight into the dynamic interplay between your thoughts, emotions, and the energy that permeates your life. 

As we harmonize and direct your energy, you can overcome limitations and accelerate your journey towards fulfillment and success- toward a future overflowing with possibilities.