May you unapologetically listen to the part of you that transcends logic.

HI, Beautiful... 

I'm Diana, (aka Mistress of Magick)

I have a somewhat supernatural attunement to the subtle realms and the world of energy. I am able to tell what’s happening long before the naked eye or conscious mind. I'm also a 5/1 projector (conscious + unconscious reflector). My Life's work is Gate 58 - The Joy Junkie... It's the pathway from stress to bliss! In other words, I am literally designed to guide you and hold you accountable to the journey of expressing and embodying who your soul came here to be; living the life that was meant for YOU!  

You see, before you landed on this blue planet, the universe handed you a one-of-a-kind cosmic map for living a life in alignment with YOUR joys and pleasures. This map is like your permission slip to be who you came here to be! 

I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant.

With the ability to see, feel and move energy, I am able to reach the depths of places within you that most won't. As I attune to your energy, I can tell when the energy moves, and where it goes. I can tell what is happening inside of you and sense when you're out of alignment or pushing yourself toward something that is not meant for you. 

This is where I help you course correct and fast-track your growth. 



What was a nightmare, became my Dream, Purpose & Passion.

I was born highly sensitive to the world of energy. I had gifts that, since birth, I didn’t understand. Feeling everything while knowing things I shouldn’t know,  I was overly stimulated by the world around me and trapped in a loop of karmic lessons.

Little did I know at the age of four, that a haunting nightmare would lead to my greatest gift as an adult! Haunted by it every night, my mom told me the next time it happened I should face the fear (a tiger), and ask it what it wanted - so I did...  

This was my first encounter with a LUCID DREAM!
A new unfathomable world opened. A world that would eventually lead me to dive deep into the rabbit hole of the dreaming mind and the power of the subconscious. A journey that has directed my work, how I show up today, and how I ultimately serve YOU!

In 2017, my dream guide came and told me that I was now ready to teach the world, and so I listened.

I am now living my dream and my purpose!


SOUL deep passionate! 
Because YOU have a unique gift that only YOU can deliver;
and I want to see it COME TO LIFE!  

Babe, every cell in my body wants to see you waking up happy - ready to live the life you came here to live!... And I've made it my mission to do so.

It's my  PURPOSE and my PASSION to help you REMEMBER who you really are. Reminding you that, being a woman (an intuitive fucking magickal creature that is) is your greatest superpower!

Working with me; I will not have it any other way.
I'm here for an ORGASMIC RE-BIRTH.
The rebirth of a woman who knows what she wants and gets it;
 in business, pleasure, and in life.

Some call it magick, but I simply pull out the magick that is already waiting within you.

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