Diana Magick

Queen of Dreams & Joy

Diana Magick

Queen of
Dreams & Joy

Hi Love, 

Let's begin this story in the waking world,

which humanity insists on calling, the "real world" as if your dreams have no effect on the choices you make. 

Mortals go about their work, worries, and wars as if their waking lives are all that matter, but there is another life that awaits you when you close your eyes… and enter my realm…


For I am the Queen of Dreams and Joy! 

When the waking world leaves you wanting and weary, life brings you here - to face your fears and fantasies in dreams and desires; to make the impossible possible.

Dreams rarely survive in the waking world while Nightmares seem to thrive there...

However, I flip the worlds upside down and put your nightmares to sleep so that your Dreams may awaken.  

I am both clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizent. 

With the ability to see, feel and move energy, I help bring to life, your big dreams and desires. I read your energy and reach the depth of your subconscious because it will speak long before your consious mind.

Through the world of energy and your spirit guides, I help you fast track your growth.

Through my courses, retreats, and personal mentorship, I aim with all of my being to assist you in finding your own truth and power.  I'm your permission slip and your accountability. 

I get hired to serve as an oracle and expander for 6+7 figure boss babes so that they can keep their energy clear, stay in alignment and do what they do, better.

I support spiritual mentors, healers, and newbies alike to finetune their abilities and expand their gifts - regardless if it's your business or to get an upper hand in life.

I also serve busy moms finding their direction and purpose.

It's all energy...

Once upon a time...

I grew up in Denmark and I was what you would call a 'gifted child'; an Empath or ‘sensitive’. I had gifts that, since birth, I didn’t understand. 

I learned to Lucid Dream at the age of 5 and animals became my main spirit ally - it never stopped. The dream world became a playground. 

The first 'gift' I mastered (besides dreaming) was psychometry - the ability to read the energy of objects, rooms and houses!

15 years ago, I took my first course in telepathic communication with animals. Since then, I have studied with numerous teachers and healers across the world, to refine my abilities and gifts.

Truth is, we are all intuitive and we all have these abilities but not everyone wants to explore them. In the same way, everyone can learn how to play the piano but not everyone wants to become Mozart or perhaps touch a piano at all.


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